Below, we will show you how to create a new account on bity.be

# 1: First, you access the registration link:https://bity.be/auth/signup

Fill in the information to start following the form to start registering:

dang ky tai khoan bity.be

1: Username
2: Email Address
3: Password
4: Repeat the password
5: Tick in to confirm the capcha
6: Click Submit to register
If you have a Facebook, Twitter, or Google account, you can click on 7,8,9 to register with that social network account.

dang ky tai khoan 123link

# 2: After pressing Submit to wait a few seconds the system will notify you of successful registration and ask you to activate email

dang ky tai khoan 123link

# 3: You access the email you just registered

dang ky tai khoan 123link

Sau đó nhấn vào link trong email để kích hoạt tài khoản của bạn. Kết quả:
dang ky tai khoan 123link

So, complete the account registration procedure at bity.be. Now you can make money by shortening the link already.

Published on: 7/19/19, 3:00 PM